Cover Letter is always used as a means of introducing your self to the Recruiter, and even giving you the edge above other job applicants cause it shows the Recruiter how eager you are about their company.


Writing a customized cover letter should always have the following information,

-Make your cover letter accomplishment-driven, not responsibilities-driven.
-Salary: Money talk doesn’t belong on a cover letter, period. Spilling your financial
beans limits your options because you may be priced too high or too low. If you absolutely
must deal with salary history or salary requirements then do a proper research about average market salary.
-Fired: Don’t let this word slip into your cover letter or resume if you want it to escape being lost forever.
If asked during interview mention it was due to a layoff or reduction in force, which implies the action was no fault of yours, but fired suggests that you screwed up.

–  The word “Also”: The word is unnecessary. (For example,Manage budget of $1 million. Also interface with consultants.) Write tightly.
Eliminate also  when you can. Use the saved space to pack more punch, and the resume won’t lose meaning.



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